Friday, September 17, 2010

Time goes by so fast.. Yet so slow.

I can't believe it's already FRIDAY!!!  This week went by really fast.  I didn't get to go to the amusement park (Warner i think) in Madrid... :(  But Ruben promised me twice that we would find another time to go! So hopefully we can all find another time to go.  He just started work again on Wednesday and is living in Madrid, so we aren't going to be seeing as much of him... sad day.  On Wednesday the whole group went out to an American restaurant (along the lines of a Hollywood title of some sort) on la Calle Real for Amanda's birthday, and it was AMAZING!!!  She turned 21, which was sort of a bummer for her that it wasn't a big deal here, so we made it a fun night for her.  She doesn't like the food here, so she chose the American restaurant, and we basically all got some sort of burger, (mine being a bacon cheeseburger :P) and it was soooooo good!  I was laughing inside tho at the fact that I wanted a bacon cheesesburger because of an inside joke I have with my Circle K Board... It made me think of them.  It was a lot of food tho.. I could barely handle it.  I haven't been that full in a long time. Then we went out to a couple bars on la Calle de los Bares.  There was actually quite a few people for it being a Wednesday night, but I guess now that its getting later in September I guess people start going out more often.  We discovered another bar/discoteca on the same street, right next to Toys where we usually go, and it was actually a pretty cool place.  There werent quite as many creepers and we werent bothered too much which was nice.
Classes are going pretty good I suppose.  There's not much to report.  I dont have homework for any classes except for Classic Literature where we just get something to read for the next class and we have to answer questions, so it's pretty simple.  My Spanish is getting better because I decided to change my facebook and cell phone to Spanish this week and Im trying my hardest to avoid speaking English.  My friend Dominik pointed out that I need to improve and that I speak English alot... and he can't understand anything I say haha.  So I have been doing pretty good this week.  I like speaking Spanish, I just really need practice.  I also got an "intercambio" group set up where once a week me and another girl in the group, Katie, get together with a couple Spaniards for an hour or so and we speak in spanish for half the time and english for the other half.  They are trying to improve their english and we are trying to improve our spanish, so its a nice deal.  There are 3 guys, one of which is a Spanish professor (32- also went to school in Arizona) who lives in Segovia/Valladolid and the other two are friends (19 and 21) who live in Segovia and go to school in Madrid.  Im not sure how often the professor is going to be there, but apparently we are going to be hanging out with the two guys and having less formal exchanges, so that will be kind of cool to have even more people showing us around Segovia and helping us with our Spanish.
Today we went to the Acueduct for my Art and Civilization class, but it started POURING! We were sitting under one of the acueduct arches for about 20 minutes... and then we decided to run to a bar or restaurant to find more cover... but by the time we got there we were all soaked to the bone.. So me and a couple of the girls decided to go back to the center because we were already wet anyways.  We ended up running up the Calle Real which was an upward incline, and there was basically a small river forming down the middle of it.  By the time we got back, I was cold, out of breath, absolutely soaked, and im pretty sure I pulled something.  We waited in the Center till it stopped raining, and then I only got to be home for about 10 nminutes and then my host mom brought me on one of the night tour things and it was FREEZING! There were little scene/skit things throughout one part of town and we had little tours between them.  It was cool and there was good acting.. but I was still freezing cold.  My host mom was really cold too, and we were laughing about it and then bundled up as soon as we got back.
Tomorrow I am going to heading to Madrid (finally!) and 7:30 AM!  That will be rough.. but Im excited to go.  Ive heard some really good things and we have free time to "ir de compras"/ go shopping :) There are so many things I want to buy!  Im really going to have to budget my money..  Then we are going to find somewhere to go out Saturday night and celebrate more birthdays!  Katie is turning 21 on saturday and there are a couple other people's birthdays that we are celebrating that are around this time.. so where better to celebrate than Madrid?!  It should be fun... Im just excited to see the city.  Thats where the airport is, but you dont get to see much of a city if the only place you see is an airport.  Im curious to see if there are any schools I am interested in there if I decide to continue my studies in Spain!
I'll be sure to give Madrid updates as soon as I can!

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