Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beggining of blogging!

I have finally set up a blog! It is now my fourth day in Segovia, and I have already experienced so much. My family is interesting.. My host mom is very talkative and speaks very fast.  I can understand pretty much everything, but after a while I cant pay attention because it is just too much to absorb and listen to in one sitting.  At times it seems like people are speaking Italian when Im not totally paying attention.  It's getting easier though now that Im not so tired.  The first day I just wanted nothing more than to go home.  Now that I am starting to remember my Spanish, I can communicate quite well.  Even though I can't remember words at the moment, I have been told by many that when I do talk, I don't have an accent and I speak ver well, even more so than the others they are listening to :)  I have only talked to the oldest brother (Roy- who's 19 and very guapo :P ) once, and he helped me set up the internet.  Otherwise its been nothing more than a quick Hola. He has finals this week and is studying anyways, so I dont want to bother him.  As far as the other one (Jose Luis- 17, also guapo), I have only seen him twice.  Everyone here just kind of does their own thing.  I like getting out of the house as much as possible, not because I don't like being here, but I just feel somewhat awkward and would rather be out in the city anyways.  It is very beautiful here.  We went to the Alcazar castle yesterday and took a tour.  It is very cool, but I feel like we dont get to see enough of the Castle.  We also took a paseo (walk/stroll) through the Alameda two days ago, it is a walking path that goes alongside the river at the bottom of a deep valley that goes around the cliffs of the castle.  It is very pretty there and I feel like I will be spending quite a bit of time down there whenever I can.  We have also seen the aqueduct and the cathedral many times, but have not had an official tour of them yet.  I am about a 2 minute walk from the Plaza Mayor and a 2 minute walk from the school and a 10 minute walk to the acuduct and/or the Alcazar or Alameda, so I am in a pretty prime location.  Its very close to all the good stuff.
I have to head off to my photography class...  But there is more to come for sure!

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