Friday, September 10, 2010

Mixed feelings..

It's been an interesting past few days.. Yesterday was just not a good day, and now that carried over in to today. Oh joy.  During lunch yesterday, my host family wass fighting as usual.  I think I actually prefer eating alone like I do most meals.  Every time my host mom and her sons are together they just fight about everything.  She is nagging them, and they just rebel.  Not too different than what happens in America, but still just awkward that its happening right in front of me at the table.  This time it was her yelling at Roy telling him he needed to clean up his room and he just retaliated with he knows where everything is and thats all that matters and its his room and whatnot.  Both sides I understand as I have had this argument many times myself... but it was just very uncomfortable.  And then she would make comments about what foods they could and could not eat because some of the things apparently were for me? What?! Way to bring me in to this!  Awkward.
The food isn't saturated in olive oil quite as much as when I got here, so it's not too bad.  It's pretty decent.  The Grandma, Ochon, has started coming over and making meals when Ana is working and she is a great cook. It's actually legit Spanish food, so it's been good trying some new things.  I'm really craving some Taco Bell and some Mac and Cheese tho.. not gonna lie.  Oh and something with Barbeque sauce...  But not all at once of course.  Me and a couple people in the group like to get ice cream often tho (really good) and there is a place where we can get a cone for just a Euro- so its a pretty good deal. 
Everything here is so smokey and dirty at times it seems... I keep neurotically putting hand sanitizer on.  Basically everyone here smokes.  Including my host family who will even smoke at the table as Im trying to choke down my food.  Lovely.  The sidewalks are shared by the streets and all the drivers are crazy.  Everything is made of stones and blocks.. so they are charming, but not very practical at times.  The road construction out my window finally finished, so its not waking me up in the mornings anymore.  I need all the sleep I can get... I dont sleep the best here.  It gets really cold at night and I can feel every spring in my mattress.  My pillow is very firm and thin.. so not too comfotable either.  I am gradually starting to get sick.. So im just trying to siesta whenever I can.  I had a really bad headache and stomach ache today.. it was not fun... I immediately went home and took a nap.  Then Ochon (so nice) made me fresh squeezed orange juice and told me to have some warm milk and a tablespoon of honey before I go to bed tonight.    The milk kind of scares me tho... it doesnt have to be refrigerated here..?! Its in cartons that sit in the pantry until they are opened... I just find that wierd.
Don't have too much to report today I suppose.. I haven't been feeling good and everyone has been kind of unreliable this past week (super annoying).  Hopefully things get better.  I mean c'mon.. I'm in Spain.  I shouldn't be complaining about anything.  It's wonderful here.

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  1. Hope that you feel better - get lots of sleep! Not going out at night!!! :)

    Dont worry about the milk, it is legit. We had it in Greece. It is the only way to have millk that doesnt expire withint 3 or 4 days after opening it. But you could as your host family for "fresh" milk (at least that is what they called in Greece.)

    with love